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December 17, 2010

Berman: A Question of Dual Loyalty, a Case For Treason!

On December 15 2010 and with a voice vote, the US congress voted on the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) drafted resolution calling on the Obama administration to block any Palestinian attempt to declare independent Palestinian state.

The American Congress who tussled for several weeks before passing a bill with a small margin offering medical treatment to rescue workers at ground zero, or to extend unemployment insurance to unemployed Americans, in a rare sign of agreement, succeeded in uniting the two sides of the isle to vote on a resolution drafted by a foreign lobby, AIPAC institutionalizing US foreign policy and undermining US interest in the Middle East..

Unlike issues of critical importance to the American people e.g. unemployment benefits to six million Americans, the vote on an Israeli sponsored resolution sailed smoothly with a simple voice vote.

I sometimes wonder if the US Congress represents the interest of the people who vote it to power or the interest of the money rollers representing a foreign country, like Israel.  California representative, the chair of United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs Howard Berman, made this clearer when I read a statement he made to a US Jewish publication that he was a Zionist before being a Democrat. This is the same person who sponsored the Israeli lobby’s resolution to US Congress.  

Did Berman sponsor the Israeli resolution as a Democrat or as a Zionist? What is the difference between an elected Zionist and a Zionist employed by the government?

Pollard the Zionist spy who stole and sold hundreds of thousands of secret US documents to Israel, claimed in court testimonies that he did it as a committed Zionist. In this case Pollard too was a Zionist before he was an “American”.  

Now the person in charge of US foreign affairs in the US Congress declares shamelessly that he was a Zionist before being a Democrat.  Does this mean his loyalty to Zionism takes priority to his party’s affiliation?  Just like Pollard who rationalized spying on his own country for “being” a Zionist. Today Berman uses “legally” his elected position to advance the interest of Israel, even it that may become detrimental to US interest. 

Like Pollard, an employee of the Pentagon who attempted to advance the interest of a foreign entity by passing US secrets, Berman who is chairing the US foreign affairs committee of the US Congress is heeding a foreign lobby to mandate US policies for the benefit of a foreign country. The like of Congressman Berman are more dangerous than Pollard, for the two are loyal Zionists: Pollard undermines his country by spying directly to the enemy, while the elected Zionists institutionalize US policies to legitimize serving the interest of a foreign country at the expense of their supposed country.

Berman is a question of dual loyalty, a case for treason!