Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
A Palestine story

Journey From A Palestinian Refugee Camp to America
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Winter 2009


When sad, I don’t cry

When happy, I don’t smile

When guilt flourishes, innocence die


Where love is coined with hate

Destiny becomes delusional fate


When hungry, I don’t eat

 For life is bitter sweet


When thirsty, I don’t drink

When I dive, I don’t sink

When my eyes shut, I blink


When tired, I don’t sleep

What I plant, I don’t reap


I sow flower seed

But thorn tends to bloom

Life is hard I concede

As bright turns into gloom


When I close my eyes

I am awakened by dreams

I take no break till rise

From the subconscious screams


I loathe sleeping, for wake is next

Like hard work that trails rest

For worst remains the shadow of best


I need time off from the break
Take a nap while awake

To heal my chronic ache

For love is coined with hate