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Egypt After Mubarak, Broader Perspective
February 23rd, 2011

Millions of Egyptians young and old, men and women filled the streets in large cities, small towns and provinces extending from the heart of the Nile delta to the shores of the Mediterranean in Alexandria to the edge of Sinai in Al arish with one message: the end of 30 years of Mubarak’s rule.

Hosni Mubarak, like fellow dictators everywhere, did not heed his people’s call. Instead he attempted to craft cosmetic changes in his government. He failed to understand that in the eye of his people, the corrupt system he epitomized was the problem, not the appointed government’s sycophants. The Egyptian people’s loud scream was clear: they had enough. In fact, “Enough” inspired many frustrated Egyptians to use it for their party’s namesake, Kifaiah.

The government’s coordinated attacks by herds of security men in civilian attire and paid horse riders terrorizing the protestors at Attahrir square made the transition of Hosni Mubarak more bloody ending his thirty years reign with even more disgrace

Whether Mubarak remains in office or is a bygone by now, the people’s revolt in Egypt will mark 2011 as a new epoch in Arab politics. The before Mubarak phase will not be the same as the after Mubarak era.

Unlike previous , Obama’s latest declaration is heading in the right direction. Yet, he fell short of telling Hosni Mubarak publicly what everyone already knew, to get out while you could.

It is understood since Obama is under tremendous pressure from the most powerful foreign curator of US policy in the Arab world. Israeli inspired Americans have expressed concerns with the new Egypt turning into another Iran. Indeed, it might be the case if the Egyptian people concluded, as Iranians did 32 years ago, that America chose the side of the dictatorship.

Therefore the immediate and urgent American challenge is removing the Israeli tunneled spectacle obscuring America’s vision when determining its interest in the Arab world. Long term stability for America’s real friends can only be achieved absent of Israel’s detrimental influence. The current failing in America’s foreign policy, if continued, will certainly give birth to several Irans in the Arab world.

America’s foreign policy should be governed by the interest of America not that of Israel. As an example, Iraq, even with weapons of mass destruction (WMD), was incapable of being a threat to the US. Iran, even with nuclear power will never be a threat to the US or its interest in the Arab world.

Even though Iraq’s weapons were flagrant lies and Iran’s nuclear program not proven. America was dragged by the Zion Cons to a war resulted in the loss of more than 4000 of its best men and women while pursuing a false Israeli mirage in the deserts of Iraq. As if we have not learned our lesson, the same are drumming for analogous war against Iran.

The two nations, Iraq and Iran had two things in common: unlike Israel, neither had proven illegal WMD; second, the two were enemies of Israel. To get rid of an Israeli menace, the WMD threat was cooked inside the Mosad’s kitchens in Tel Aviv and hyped by the Israeli Zion Cons in Washington to remove their potential enemy. Iraq’s WMD was refuted with American blood and money, while Iran might become the new grave yard for those chasing another Israeli illusion.

Israel knows very well and for good reasons that Egypt before Mubarak will not be the same after Mubarak. For instance, a new democratic Egypt will be answerable to its people, hence it will never complement Israel’s inhumane siege on Gaza. It will not be the capital to provide Netanyahu with a photo op every time he undermines the peace process with the Palestinians.

More importantly, Israel will not be able to achieve the same level of concessions from Palestinians as it would have been able to obtain during a Mubarak regime.

Meanwhile, let’s hope the Obama administration starts its relation with the new Egypt based on respecting human rights, good governance, and the mutual interest of the people of Egypt and US. The future relation should never be gauged again by Israel’s litmus test; otherwise, America’s worst fear may just be realized.