Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
A Palestine story

Journey From A Palestinian Refugee Camp to America
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 Child to God in Gaza

Oh God…please protect my life

For human wickedness is rife

I am too young to die

Phosphorus raining from the sky

Causing my flesh and skin to fry

Then an Israeli lie or a sly

And another news spin

Oh my God where did I sin?

In a large Gaza pen

Exposed heart and skin

There is no place to run

From bombs, rain or sun

Young, old, sisters and brothers
Fathers, babies and mothers

We want to live like all others

But it was in a clear December day*

Children having fun and play

When death came with no delay

Concealed in an Israeli phosphorus spray

In all colors and rays

Turning the blue sky into gray

I hide in my mother’s arm

To shield me from Israeli harm

Overtaking by fear

Yet, her timid smile heals my tear

To live another day, another month, another year
Oh Israel! I promise to be your nightmare
For the story of my torment I’ll share
And victory will bloom out of my despair!
* During Israeli war on Gaza Dec 08/Jan 09
The Child below "Farah" post treatment in California, is the same toddler above, with the phosphorus burns. She was being rescued after her home was bombed by Israeli phosphorus shells where Farah lost several of her family members.