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December 2, 2010

Israel Snubs US Again!

Israel bites the hand that feeds her. News sources rumor that “US has failed in convincing Israel to halt settlement building.” But that is the problem: why does the US need to convince Israel, the recipient of the largest US aid and US made weapons, to comply with international law?

Actually the US, second to none super power, not just in might but more importantly economically, degrade its international standing by asking the biggest violator of international law, to abide by its previous agreements with the Palestinians and stop building illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories. Even worse, to offer Israel financial and military incentives just to stop violating international law.

For the last several months, the Obama administration has been negotiating with Israel to create the conditions to restart the permanent final negotiations with the Palestinians. After agreeing with the financial and military rewards, Israel, like a spoiled baby, demanded from the US for more inducements, Iran.  Israel was haggling with the US over the timetable to wage another war in the Middle East on its behalf. Just like the Zion Con’s weapon of mass deception that led the US to invade Iraq in 2003. Seven years later more than 4000 Americans lost their life in a war manufactured in Tel Aviv and promoted by Israel men in the Bush administration, like the US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz or Richard Perl who served as the Chairman of the US Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee in the early years of the War President, George Baby Bush.

Now, the Obama democratic administration has an Israeli representative in the State Department in the name of Dennis Ross, who shamelessly advocates Israel’s position on the table of negotiation.

Whether Republican or Democratic congress or administration, the Zion Con and the Zio Liberals, while disagreeing on almost all social issues, they both advocate Israel wars, at the expense of US interests, money and blood.

 I am reminded with Stephen Solarz, a staunch Zio-Liberal, the late now, who advocated left leaning causes, even visited N Korea in the 1980s; he opposed all US foreign wars, yet when it came to Israel, he cosponsored the 1991 Gulf war authorization Act permitting the old Bush to wage war against Israel’s enemy, Iraq. The same was repeated by another anti war Zio/liebral Con Joe Lieberman, who advanced the fabrication of Iraq weapons and sponsored the war act authorizing the young Bush to invade Iraq in 2003.

Like the dangerous Zion Con, we must be mindful of the Zio Liberal whose only devotion is to wage war on behalf of a foreign country or allow the same to violate international law, threat world peace and yet receive the best US weapons and the largest sum of US tax payer money.