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October 7, 2010

Israel Contemplated Using the Nuclear Bomb

News in today’s [October 7 2010] Israeli news paper Haaretz reported that Israel considered using the nuclear bomb during the October 6 war in 1973, and again in 1991 in response to the almost harmless Scud missiles from Sadam Hussein.

According to secret archives uncovered by the Israeli newspaper, Israel contemplated using nuclear bomb as an option during a conventional war.

The nonchalantly bona fide willingness by Israeli to use atomic bombs will be a rude awakening to motivate other nations in the region to seek nuclear power as a deterrent to the Israeli looming nuclear threat. Knowing this for a fact now, why would the world powers expect countries in the Middle East region to tolerate a threat of nuclear annihilation by Israel ?

Israel refused to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and has built its nuclear arsenal under the watchful eyes of western countries. Israel acquired the technology and know how from France ; England and the US provided the feedstock (uranium) to make the bombs. Withal, these same countries continue to undermine the ability of the International Atomic Nuclear Agency from passing resolutions to make the Middle East a nuclear bomb free zone.

Furthermore, the discovery of these secret Israeli archives debunks the West’s rationalization that only responsible countries should have nuclear power. Considering to use of a nuclear power in a conventional war is not “responsible”

Knowing for a fact now that Israel had considered using the nuclear bomb and the West cosseting Israel’s nuclear monopoly would certainly rationalize  (in the eye of their public at least) the need for leaders in the Middle East region to advocate building a nuclear deterrent to the real Israeli threat.

Ignoring Israel ’s nuclear power by the US and Europe have set the “genie” loose where other nations will want to own the “genie” too.

This may explain the deep rooted cynicism in the Middle East V.S. Israel and US led efforts to curtail Iran’s nuclear power ambitions.