Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
A Palestine story

Journey From A Palestinian Refugee Camp to America
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Journey into a new Life*

Leaving was so sudden

The Camp was harsh abode

Yet, it was my heaven

Leaving the Camp was forebode

For migration was focused driven

Rooted in life of despair

Entrant for migration and transfer

On the deck, I waved goodbye

To the dark dock, one last time

Quivering lips and soggy eyes

As the ship sailed in the dark sky

A young man stands alone petrify

Raised for transplantation

But unlike a deep rooted tree

Transferred absent of foliation

My uprooting meant to set me free

Of course, the tree will likely endure

But her longing has no cure

The tree may survive

But to the fullest it will not thrive

The tree may mature strong

But in the new home, it will not belong

The ship sailed into the deep sea

While my heart wasn’t moving along

A single moon and a star

Sharing my darkest night

Looking to the Camp from afar

Remembering those I left in the plight

Forward looking, I saw a streak of light

From the sea, the sun started to rise

The new shores were strikingly bright

Another day, another land, I started to realize

I managed to smile, with sadness in my eyes

For exodus is the Camp’s denizens’ prize

But it must be recorded, it has to be written

Those I left behind, will never be forgotten

Despite the hard life, the Camp remains my heaven

*This story is shared in Chapter 7. It is the story of life struggle to exit life in the camp