Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
A Palestine story

Journey From A Palestinian Refugee Camp to America
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Summer 2007

Joy on Earth


It was dark, but for the shining moon light

Announcing the end of day

And the start of another night

As I watched the stars’ ray


In the vast space we call sky

On the moon’s surface, I saw a smile

Moving west and bidding goodbye

It was time for the moon to take a leap

Trailing the sun as darkness started to creep


I sat to enjoy the majestic dark

The serene beauty of another nature mark


Listening to the sound of waves embracing the sand

As the moon moved to bless another land


It is jet-black that leads to dawn

Proclaiming another night had gone


Bringing light following the gloom

After long dormant, the trees bloom

Another hope from nature womb

Good morning …as the sun started to loom


Beaming a golden streak

As it rises above the mountain's peak


Forward looking for a new birth

Of another day and for joy on earth