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Mother of modern terrorism

By: Jamal Kanj*

April 9, 2012

The English dictionary defines terrorism as “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce.” Israel was founded in 1948 on the same dragoon’s theory to replace Native Palestinians with European Jewish immigrants.

This article highlights two of the Zionists’ heinous crimes leading to the creation of Israel.

Following June 29 1946 British raid on the Jewish Agency’s offices and confiscation of documents revealing links between Irgun, the Hagana and other terrorist organizations, the United Resistance, an umbrella organization for Jewish groups, ordered the bombing of King David hotel. The hotel was considered the nerve center for the British military rule in Palestine.

On July 22, Irgun terrorists disguised as Arabs entered the hotel through the basement service center carrying bombs concealed in milk cans. 350 kg of explosives were placed next to the central columns supporting the hotel’s section housing British Military authorities. The bombs exploded about ½ hour past noon leaving behind 91 dead, mostly British officials and Palestinians as well as several Jews. 

Although David Ben-Gurion via his leadership position in the United [Jewish] Resistance had initially directed the bombing, however following world-wide denunciation, the conniving leader disowned the attack calling Irgun "the enemy of the Jewish people."

In typical euphuistic racist language, Irgun expressed remorse for the loss of Jewish life. They refused to grieve British officials, alleging that Britain did not mourn Jews who died in the Nazi Holocaust. There was no regret for the Palestinian victims.

Another notorious terrorist crime was the 1948 massacre in the village of Deir Yassin. I remember being in a car when approaching the city of Jerusalem at night we passed by a well-lit area of what seemed to be historic military site in a park-like setting on the median strip. I learnt later, the monument was down the hill from a razed Palestinian village.

In the early morning of April 9 and while Palestinians were ostensibly under British mandate protection, the Irgun led by the Polish Menachem Begin, and Stern Gang terrorists supported by the Haganah launched a coordinated attack against Deir Yassin.

For several hours, Jewish terrorists rampaged through the village in an orgy of killing and looting. 25 Palestinian men were apprehended and paraded like a trophy in Jerusalem’s Jewish quarter before their cold blooded execution at a stone quarry near Jerusalem.  Red Cross representatives were not allowed to enter the village for three days. According to UN reports and the New York Times on April 13 1948, the final body count was 254; about half were women and children. 

As in the aftermath of King David hotel’s carnage, the Haganah’s Machiavellian leadership distanced itself from the massacre that “…dishonored… the Jewish flag.” Ironically, when the same became leaders of Israel in 1948, they erected a monument commemorating the assault, they condemned earlier, and celebrating Zionism’s triumphant campaign to depopulate Palestinian villages.

Years later, Menachem Begin recalling with pride Deir Yassin’s massacre declared “… [It] was not only justified, but there would not have been a state of Israel without the victory at Deir Yassin.”

Begin, the Irgun leader, who once topped British authorities’ “most wanted” terrorist list and was vilified by Zionists for dishonoring the “Jewish flag” and “the enemy of the Jewish people” was exalted years later to become a Prime Minister for the same disingenuous Zionist state.

*Jamal Kanj writes frequently on Arab World issues and the author of “Children of Catastrophe, Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America”, Garnet Publishing, UK. Jamal’s articles can be read at www.jamalkanj.com, his email address is jkanj@yahoo.com