Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
A Palestine story

Journey From A Palestinian Refugee Camp to America
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Reflection ...

After given it much thought

I wonder why life is sought

Living… why ask for more

Unjust world of conquest and war

And I still wonder what life is for

They claim the big fish eats the small

But we humans, eat it all

In a new world order of domination and thrall

I still wonder if life is worth a recall

Humans first fought for grazing rights

Then exploitation reached new heights

Where greed evolution led them to far places

To conquer new land and native races

I still wonder about life’s bases

But I have realized of late

That it is not life I must hate

Yet, I still wonder, is life that great?

It is human doublespeak and hypocrisy

It is the false promise of democracy

It is the new world power autocracy

Where killing and vengeance is a self fulfilling prophecy

Humanity need redefine

Self interest and political malign 

For the human character is not divine

I now know why life is repine