Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
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November 22, 2010

The US Liberal Orwellian Culture

Where do the self proclaimed American liberals, especially those in the US Congress and Senate, particularly those who oppose building a fence across the US border with Mexico stand on the Israeli plans to build a fence across the border with Egypt?

Worse than the Republicans reasoning for building the US fence, Israel is worried that the 700 weekly African immigrants will pollute Israel Jewish identity. At least in the US no one has, overtly, expressed concerns, say with America’s Anglo Saxon identity.

If American liberals find the US fence offensive, then they must be infuriated about Israel’s new racist fence to keep, now, Africans out of the “Jewish” state. 

American pro Israel liberals who call for justice everywhere, but ignore Israeli injustice against the Palestinians, will be consistent in their defense of Israel. A common thread in excusing Israeli will be the old tiring melody: Israel is the only Jewish state; as if religion should define a national identity. Or Israel is too small; yet this small Israel can accommodate more than 700 Jewish immigrants daily.

Israel is too small to allow the return of Palestinian refugees who were forced from their homes in 1948, numbering 805,000 + and their dependents.  Yet it is never small to take in more than two million Jews from the Soviet Union at the time.

It is only in the Orwellian culture of political hypocrisy where US liberals are able to demand justice in the US, yet support Israeli injustice in Palestine. The political divide between the doublethink US Orwellian liberals and conservatives on local or national US social justice issues is discernible but the same divide disappears when it comes to supporting Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.  Sadly the US conservatives are guided by their doomed religious prophecy and the liberals by an Israel first egocentric parochial focused agendum.