Every people in the world lives in a place. For Palestinians, the place lives in them.” DR
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December 11, 2010
The current Palestinian board has failed. A new strategy demands new board.

When President Clinton’s chances of winning a Noble Peace prize at the expense of Palestinians evaporated in July 2000, he came out spitting his venom at the Palestinian leadership and holding them responsible for the talk failure.

During the ill fated Camp David talk, the Palestinians refused the Israeli offer to establish a “Swiss Cheese” Palestinian entity. At the Camp David’s talk, the Palestinians were negotiating not with Israel, but with its agents represented by Dennis Ross and President Clinton.  The Palestinian at the time refused conditions to accept a non survivable state, forgo the rights of return for Palestinian refugees and to a bizarre proposal for a shared East Jerusalem.

The conclusion of those failed talks could have been seen as disappointing ending, but in no way it represented any violation to international law. Yet, the “Lewinsky lover” held a press conference, standing next to him the most conniving Israeli leader “Barak”, he held Arafat responsible for the failed talk.

This is in contrast to today’s events. The US invested several months negotiating with Israel to comply “temporarily” with its previous agreements, the road map and several UN resolutions. Hitherto despite generous illegal offer, Israel snubbed the US with a big NO! Yet the US did not have the guts to blame Israel for violating international law and for endangering world peace.

Despite this failure, the US wants the parties to restart indirect negotiation to discuss the border of the future of the Palestinian state, Jerusalem and the refugees. The US being Israel’s largest political and financial benefactor has failed to convince the Israeli racist ultra right government to comply with International laws, yet wants the Palestinians to negotiate while witnessing Israel disregard to international.

When will the Palestinian leadership understand that the US government is not an honest “peace” broker? How can it be so when the US is represented by a Zionist, Denis Ross, a person who throughout his private and public political career was dedicated to defending Israel violation of international law?

The Palestinian leadership should declare that due to the lack of a negotiating partner, the negotiating is dead. It should stop fooling itself and its public while Israel continues to gobble what remained of historical Palestine.

Like when a business strategy fails, a company is expected to change its board of directors. The current Palestinian board has failed. A new strategy demands new board.