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November 21, 2010

Zionist Blooming the Desert, Myth, or Reality?

Zionism is an ideology of myth. One of their biggest myths was blooming the desert. Anyone who is familiar with the Mediterranean climate knows that there is not one single desert along the Mediterranean shorelines. There are inland deserts in many of the countries bounding the Mediterranean, Palestine had the smallest, Negev desert.

However, from time immemorial, the majority of Palestine hills have been the natives of great olive trees and shorelines bloomed with the blossom of orange trees. That is until the creation of the state of Israel which turned the famous Yaffa citrus into a large calendar concrete blocks, otherwise known as Tel Aviv. Before bestowing the Hebrew name as they did for native villages and town across Palestine. The original name for this beautiful location was known as Tel al Rabiee. In Arabic it means the hills of Spring.

Now, flocks of Israeli settlers are replacing the olive trees with new concrete blocks throughout the hills in the West Bank. And as if that is not enough, the settlers are attacking Palestinian farmers during one of the most important farming season, olive picking, and burning old olive trees. During a two week period, the last week of October and the first week on November alone, illegal Israeli settlers mounted at least 28 attacks against Palestinian farmers and olive groves.

 In the village of Tel by Nablus, they burned 2000 olive, and in Kfr Laf by the Palestinian town of Qalqilia they burned 1000 trees. In other towns the armed settlers uprooted more than 350 olive trees and in the village of Kfr Kadum settlers appropriated the village’s entire olive yield.

Meanwhile, Palestine’s only desert, Negev, remains a desert while the historical greenery that brought fame to Palestine such as its olive and citrus have either vanished or fast disappearing under the footsteps of the armed flock of settlers.

Alas, blooming the desert fairytale is just one of the Zionists’ labyrinth of myths that has duped the West for 62 years.